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In this most modern malaise, there is no triple sense Hegel commitment of , but rather, ‘two solitudes that greet each other’.

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For example, if you were married and had a few children and all is happy, a Norwegian girl might leave you.

It is the paradox of Norway, they are family oriented and loyal people but with this main impediment in marriage. Whoever is not prepared to endure everything, and to stand firmly by the will of the Beloved, is not worthy to be called a lover. – It is not the Norwegian government’s cushy social benefits for single mothers or their new found prosperity with North Sea Oil or high tech, think Opera browser for example (I am an Economics Professor, and economics incentives are not the direct cause) , but rather it comes down to ideals.

When I became an adult, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

– 1 Corinthians 13-11 This means you jettison childlike notions of God and the life that has lead your to embracing this greywater agnosticism you live.

They will make a philosophy out of the psychology of rationalization for splitting up the family and having two household for the children to visit on the holidays. It is the sad but true post modern world we live in and culturally prevalent in Noway.

It is the one main crack, in this otherwise picture perfect Scandinavian society.If I was chill and did not rescue my wife, we would not be a family today.For me, playing it cool is not love, but a relationship you have with a little dog. Her honest introspection helps people who are developing emotionally, as she describes her personal journey and advocates compassionate clean living. For me ‘being chill’ does not satiate a deeper need of having meaning in my life. If you are looking for a wife, marry someone who is real, non-materialistic, and not engaged in endless trips to fashionable shops and cafes. All that said, if I were single, Norwegian Millennials are not marriage material. You could say she is the quintessential twenty something Norwegian female. Yes the blond hair and all interesting, but she is tattooed and has had multiple boyfriends for her age and does not believe in God and can not discern any uplifting message other than having fun and be nice.Since there are not too many elves around these days, think you can find many garden variety Norwegian girls on Youtube. Maybe if she were to go back to school or take religion seriously or homestead or do something than just film her parties, than she might be interesting. They would not even be the slightest consideration.

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