Dating singer maroon 5

It was in 1994 when Levine’s love of music over every other subject in school became clear.

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Here’s how a child from Los Angeles became one of pop music’s biggest sensations today.

Born in Los Angeles, California, on March 18, 1979, Adam Levine was no stranger to witnessing the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

While most garage bands don’t go anywhere, Kara’s Flowers started to see success early on.

At just 18 years old, Levine was already playing gigs with Kara’s Flowers in West Hollywood night clubs.

This was all the proof Maroon 5 needed to be taken seriously as a notable pop group.

Levine was particularly memorable thanks to his falsettos and wide vocal range he exercised in many of the band’s hits.And by 1997, which was also the year he graduated high school, independent producer Tommy Allen discovered the band at a Malibu beach party, says The Famous People.From that moment forward, Kara’s Flowers joined Reprise Records and created their first album, which had 11 tracks.While Levine’s band is more popular than ever currently, Maroon 5 have actually been making radio hits for over a decade.And Levine himself had dreams relating to music since he was a kid.The Maroon 5 frontman has been dating the model since early spring, insiders told Us Weekly.

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