Dating service for people with mental illness Israeli free cam

You’ve learned to live with your illness and the challenges it brings.

“These experiences have enabled you to help yourself and others in ways nobody else can.

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In England alone, 1 in 6 people report experiencing depression or anxiety every single week.

Eleanor Segall is one of those six, having lived with bipolar disorder for 13 years.

This way when the going gets tough, they will be able to work together to overcome their challenges. why not just learn SKILLS HOW TO COPE because none of these issues are going away; they are here to stay and are multiplying ...

I told Esti that many people have been in her place and that she should take a deep breath, recognize her strengths and love who she is. we MUST LEARN TO WELCOME THESE ISSUES AND LEARN HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER, this is 'how' we grow in Life.

It would be much more worrisome for someone to get married when they don’t know how to manage their illness.

Your adversity will be an asset to the marriage, not a hindrance.

“You know, God gives us lots of struggles and I am genuinely inspired by the way you handle yours with such grace.

Yes, you have very difficult days and sometimes weeks. You’re aware of the warning signs and what exacerbates it, and you get the help you need before it is too late.

Three years ago, I was hospitalised for my bipolar disorder.

I didn't want to tell you, in case you saw me differently or thought I was 'crazy'.

All marriages face struggles and you already have more insight than the typical girl who is dating.

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