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Brianne has demonstrated good old fashioned service and I have had more communication with her in several weeks, than I have experienced with another agency in 9 months.

Very Happy and grateful that I made that phonecall! I was very fortunate to be introduced to a wonderful man. To protect his privacy I won't go into the problems we have encountered only to say we are still the best of friends and are still hopeful of working through any issue in time to come.

insulted me very badly in one of her text messages saying that I was a mean person and probably this is why I was still single.

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I never had the chance to speak to her in person or had an interview with her. It's a lot of money that they take from many people.

I never got any receipt for my payment at all as well. Whilst we appreciate feed back on all accounts to maintain a stantard of service to our valued and respected members, your review does not align with a genuine verified reviewed as stated above.

In addition Brianne has provided me with outstanding advice and service and has become a valued friend and somebody whom I truly respect.

Being in the service industry myself I believe in the importance of good communication and client relationships.

I guess that with15 years of using You and I Get Together, you could say that I am actually a good judge of this company.

What I have found extremely effective is the way Brianne and her team really hone in on my personality and find good matches for me.

Well, you were right, that is exactly what happened, after about 9 months into your service I finally met Janine We have had the best time together, and fell IN-LOVE with each other, and guess what we were married 2 months ago I do apologise for not inviting you to our wedding, we were just so busy and in-love and forgot, but on the day of our wedding I made a thank you speech to you and your Agency Myself and Janine are so happy and we both thank you very much, also you mentioned how bringing two families together was going to be challenging, (so right you were) being Janine had 3 kids with her X and myself the same.

The kids have blended great, a few hiccups, but all good, you gave me some great advice with that and I really appreciate it.

I have always found Brianne very caring and genuine from the day I met her, sometimes a little hard to get hold of but that works both ways.

Name withheld I approached You and I in November 2014 and paid over the telephone 0.00 with my Master-card as a deposit for their service with the manager's promise that she will send me the contract next day, to be read and signed, if agreed with the terms and conditions etc. I called the second day and asked why couldn't she send the contract over an email and she said that her email systems were all crashing and she didn't have email where to send it from.

You are bagging out this company for not providing you matches, when to me Brianne knows better than to even contact me or waste my time with someone who is not a match.

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