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I tried the calculator on my Seiko and found all of them 10 years older then it should be as I assume the earliest date the movement came out, which was 10 years ago.

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Figure out the decade you purchased your watch, or when you think your particular watch group was manufactured.

Unfortunately, this information is vital to dating your Seiko as the serial number does not provide any more clues.

This also reveals the history or significance of that particular Seiko watch.

Thus, you gain the knowledge and also, the power to choose and bargain, in its real sense, especially when you are buying a Seiko from the new, old stocks or models that have been discontinued.

Probably this is the most detailed database of all Seiko production since 1950 over the web, including movement revisions (ex: 7S26B or C) and various extra features.

Please leave a comment in case of incorrect/uncomplete responses.

These, ideally should come at a lower price than what they were made available first; knowing the significance of the numbers at the backside shall help you obtain the item at a more reasonable and realistic price.

A Seiko with a solid case-back shall bear the 6-digit number etched in a straight line; for a transparent case-back (e.g. Well, October bears the number 0 (zero), while for November and December, it’s N and D, respectively. The remaining digits: These represent the sequential production number.

All Seiko's should have a Serial number on the case back The first number in the Serial is the last number in the year of production, and so if it is a new watch and you see an 8 it should be the year 2008 The second number in the Serial is the month the watch was made if you see a 4 it will be the month of April most Seiko serial are 6 digits long and so a serial of 86XXXX would be a watch made in April of 2008 The key to the whole trick is knowing what movement is in side and older movement like the 6309 was made in the late 70's and 80's and so a watch with 86XXXX would be April 1988 and so on ... Someone (on the net) offers Seiko SKX781K or "orange monster" with following description: * 7S26-0350 (so it would be: movement 7S26 & case no. Then using the calculator, found production date is August, 1996?

A note on months since only one numberis used for the months Oct / Nov / Dec being two numbers is noted by letter if you see a Zero it is a letter O for October N= Nov D= Dec 8DXXXX would be December 2008 8OXXXX would be October 2008 It does help to know a little about movement production dates when dating watches on the street but if you have a computer handy you can always drop by these fine websites: Seiko Watch Production Date Calculator production date finder ... There is still a need to know when the movement came out or a rough estimate.

42XXXX would be february of the 4th year of what ever decade that movement was used, so I think 7009s were from the 1980s. I think as well, that as Seiko only use the last year of the date, you must at least know which decade your watch is from.

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