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There are three specified programmes available within this degree: Behaviour Analysis, Community Psychology, and Organisational Psychology.Behaviour Analysis To complete a MApp Psy in Behaviour Analysis, students must pass the equivalent of 240 points comprising the compulsory papers: PSYCH538, PSYCH560, PSYCH561, PSYCH577 and PSYCH587 or a 15 or 30 point directed study (PSYCH588, PSYCH589 or PSYCH590) in a relevant area, a 60 point dissertation (PSYCH592), 90 point thesis (PSYCH593) or a 120 point thesis (PSYCH594) and a further 30 to 105 points selected from the optional papers: PSYCH564, PSYCH575 and PSYCH581.Please contact the School of Psychology for further details.

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To be eligible to be considered for enrolment in graduate Psychology papers, a student should normally have at least a B average either over 120 points of their Psychology major or over 300 level Psychology papers to a value of 60 points and must have passed PSYCH307.

All programmes of study should be devised in consultation with the Head of School and/or the Graduate Studies Committee.

A minimum of 180 points must be in Psychology, including the following compulsory papers: 120 point thesis (PSYCH594), on an I/O psychology topic, PSYCH539, PSYCH573, PSYCH579. The remaining 60 points may be chosen from a relevant, or related discipline, in consultation with the convenor of the programme.

Students considering enrolment in the MApp Psy must, in addition to fulfilling the requirements set out in the appropriate regulations, meet the School of Psychology requirements for entry into the programme. Applications should be made to the Convenor (indicating one of Behaviour Analysis, Community Psychology, or Organisational Psychology), MApp Psy, School of Psychology.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Brown offers three certificates, an array of pre-college programs for high school students, and no-cost, no-credit online courses to learners across the globe.

You can support Brown in a variety of ways, and your gift to Brown is a sound investment in Brown’s future, making it possible to maintain and build on the excellence of our students, faculty, education and research.

It's possible to complete any of these Psychology qualifications without leaving Tauranga. those shown as "List A" in bachelor degree planners) available in Tauranga will differ to those available in Hamilton.

A Diploma in Social Sciences, Graduate Diploma and a Graduate Certificate are available to graduates who have not included Psychology at an advanced level in their first degree.

From analysing the reasons for anger to considering the best way to train dogs, the study of Psychology allows insight into countless intriguing facets of cognitive function.

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