Dating scams and promises from ghana

Does the price for the item seem to be too good to be true and are you being asked to pay for the item through a Money Gram money transfer? The vehicle purchase scammer may try to convince you to pay through Money Gram to avoid sales tax and get a great price.

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Were you asked to send money for loan fees, taxes, service fees, advance payments, or any other reason? Do not send money to a loan company to obtain a loan.

If the money is wired and received it can not be recovered. Get a check or money order in the mail with instructions to first cash it at your bank and then send some of the funds to someone else through a Money Gram money transfer?

Did you receive a phone call from a grandchild or a family member?

Or a "lawyer" or "police officer" suggesting they are with your family member?

Or, signatures on documents do not resemble your own signature.

Don't get duped into parting with your money through financial abuse scams.Many local governments recently have issued a national warning about the continued defrauding of citizens taking place through a foreign lottery or sweepstakes scam.Be aware that if you receive a notice about winning a lottery, no matter how official it looks, and are required to pay a fee to claim your winnings - this is a scam.Scammers will use technology which can display legitimate numbers which coerce you into responding.In times of disaster, it's important to be aware of charity scams.Lottery/sweepstakes Legitimate lottery or sweepstakes NEVER require people pay money up front.

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