Dating scam letter

Romance scams typically involve obtaining money or other items of value through false pretenses.

Trust is gained by pretending to be a potential romantic partner.

Those operating Russian dating scams, Nigerian scams dating, or other types of International dating site scams may be located outside of the United States.

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Maybe that dream girl you've been talking to for the past couple of weeks seems a little too good to be true?

Maybe she's moving a little fast or maybe your gut is just telling you something doesn't feel right. We offer multiple ways of searching our database to check whether the woman you are communicating with may be a scammer. Most scammers use photos of professional models/celebrities or photos of beautiful women they have stolen from the Net.

In some cases, the fraud involves asking someone to send intimate pictures or to provide personal identifying details or details from financial accounts.

The intimate pictures may be posted on pornographic websites or used to blackmail someone, while the personal identifying details can be used for identity theft scams. While many begin on dating sites, some begin on social networks or many other types of websites.

In this brief overview of our site, you will learn about some of those unique features that make the most complete website dedicated to stopping you from being scammed.

If you're lucky, you've found us before you got scammed.You receive a photo of a potential date and the photo doesn't match up (e.g. Scammer tries to keep up a regular correspondence, but all letters you receive contain only general content and there is no concrete information in them. the photo looks like it is from a magazine or the description the person has given of themselves doesn't match the photo)... We know how to aggressively fight charges and we have a long track record of successfully helping clients to avoid prison or to end up with reduced sentences.Call today if you have been accused of involvement with an online dating scam so our NY criminal defense attorneys can begin working on your case.Dating fraud involves using the Internet to connect with someone by posing as a potential date or romantic partner.

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