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Popular foods include salo, borscht, Ukrainian architecture reflects distinct features of that particular location and time period.

Ukrainians often toast to good health, linger over their meal, and engage in lively conversation with family and friends.

Often they will drink tea (chai), wine, or coffee afterwards with a simple dessert, such as a fruit pastry.

Included at Easter are the famous pysanky, which are colored and patterned eggs.

Making these eggs is a long process, and they are used for display at the center of the table rather than consumed.

Food is an important part to the Ukrainian culture.

Special foods are used at Easter, as well as Christmas.

The Ukrainian culture has experienced a significant resurgence since the establishment of independence in 1991.

The modern Ukrainian culture is believed to be formed as a descendant of the ancient state of Kievan Rus' centered in Kiev as well the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia, both of which Ukrainians claim as their historical ancestors.

Whilst the country has often struggled to preserve its independence its people have managed to retain their cultural possessions and are proud of the considerable cultural legacy they have created.

Numerous writers have contributed to the country's rich literary history such as Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Franko.

Therefore it has a shared culture and history with neighboring nations, such as Belarusians and Russians.

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