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While many regional Googles made this Similar Web list, did not, indicating Russian nationals in the US may be utilizing Yandex for their search needs the way other foreigners in the US may be utilizing a search engine geared towards their country of origin and native tongue.Others speculate that current events in Russia and developments between the US and Russia have also peaked greater interest in the major Russian websites.’s rank change was an increase of 377 and its counterpart,, went up by 150.

As seen on the list above, the majority of the list was expected but many other foreign based websites (mainly search engines) are also drawing in a significant amount of US traffic.

Ru Agent and ICQ), an e-mail service and Internet portal, as well as a number of online games.

The business was originally owned by, a company founded in 1998 by Eugene Goland, Michael Zaitsev and Alexey Krivenkov as spin-off from Data Art. Attempts to fund the company's expansion in 2000–2001 were thwarted by the collapse of the technology bubble and had to seek merger partners.

Four days after the Facebook IPO, a DST Global subsidiary sold more than 27 million shares of Facebook for roughly $1 billion.

Well, this is exciting – Yandex is almost getting as much traffic in the US as Buzzfeed?

Ru and DST Global, who befriended Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg A Kremlin-owned firm, VTB Bank, put 1 million into DST Global, which used it to buy a large share of Twitter in 2011.

A subsidiary of the Kremlin-controlled Gazprom funded an investment company that partnered with DST Global to buy shares in Facebook, reaping millions when the social media giant went public in 2012. The US government sanctioned VTB in 2014 because of the Russian military intervention in Crimea, but DST Global had sold its stake in Twitter by then.

Vkontakte, Russia’s leading social network fell in at 81 and, Russia’s premiere search engine placed in the 91 slot. Vkontakte or VK is Russia’s second most popular site with 24.2 million users per day.

In comparison to the Russian rankings, is the most popular website in Russia with an average of 49 million daily views on the main homepage alone. As already reported by Russian Search Marketing, VK users average about 7 hours per day on the popular social networking site chatting with friends, sharing photos, and consuming TV and films. Probably catering to the 2.9 million Russians living in here.

Just last week at a conference in Las Vegas, I met a number of Russians and was told by a few American attendees that their Russian spouses, who live in the US, use Yandex for all of their search needs.

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