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The Spaniards Inn dates all the way back to 1585 and is still a well-known boozer on the edge of Hampstead Heath to this day.It is said that The Spaniards Inn was a popular drinking spot of John Keats, one of the famous Romantic poets, and also Charles Dickens.

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Dating pubs london

Dickens was so fond of The Coffee Room, it was mentioned in Little Dorrit.

Owned by the National Trust, the pub is popular during the summer months due to extensive outdoor seating. Ye Olde Mitre can only be reached through a small passageway just off Hatton Garden and always proves difficult to find.

Striking and atmospheric, The George Inn is London’s last galleried inn, although an older incarnation of the public house was destroyed by fire in 1676.

Sitting on the south side of London Bridge, The George Inn has several bars, and one of them was often visited by Charles Dickens back in the day.

Firstly, it is probably one of the oldest pubs in London, dating back to the late 17th century.

It was also one of the few public houses to survive the Great Fire of London, although it is frequently documented that the flames stopped just 50 yards from the front door.

The interior consists of traditional wood-panelling, low beams and other period features.

The roaring open fire helps to create a wonderful cosy feeling during the winter months, while in the summer the delightful beer garden draws people in.

Nicknamed ‘The Bucket of Blood,’ in the 19th century, The Lamb & Flag was a place known for violence and hosted bare-knuckle fighting upstairs.

Famously, the former Poet Laureate, John Dryden, was also found badly beaten in an alleyway next to the public house after being surrounded by a gang of thugs.

However, if you love learning about London’s vibrant history, you don’t have to put your adventure on pause when you stop for a drink and a packet of pork scratchings.

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