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The be identified using one of the RSS language codes or a language code permitted by the World Wide Web Consortium for use in HTML. element, calling its purpose "something of a mystery" and stating that "most aggregators ignore it." Fewer than one percent of surveyed RSS feeds included the element.

The only aggregators known to support it are Bottom Feeder and Liferea. Support for the element appears sparse among aggregators, perhaps due to disagreement over its meaning in the RSS specification.

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Some sections of the profile rely on surveys of channel element and item element usage compiled from 1,933 RSS feeds chosen because they appear in OPML subscription lists published on the web.

The requirements for RSS element and attribute values are described in the sections devoted to each element, aside from the following general requirements.

Publishers could format addresses according to the RFC 2822 Address Specification, the RFC 2368 guidelines for mailto links, or some other scheme.

The element describes the RSS feed, providing such information as its title and description, and contains items that represent discrete updates to the web content represented by the feed.

No aggregators have been found that use the TTL as the minimum frequency of checks, as intended by the specification.

Because of these differences, aggregators that support this element treat it as a publisher's suggestion of a feed's update frequency, not a hard rule.The following aggregators ignore this element: Blog Bridge, Bloglines, Google Reader, Jet Brains Omea, Mozilla Firefox, My Yahoo, News Gator Online and RSSBandit.Most aggregators that support TTL use its value as the maximum frequency of update checks.This profile relies primarily on tests conducted with the aggregators Bloglines, Bottom Feeder 4.4, Feed Demon 2.5 (, Google Reader, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (2.0.9), My Yahoo, News Gator Online and Opera 9 (9.22).The test of date-time values was conducted on the aggregators Blogbridge, Bloglines, Bottom Feeder, Feed Demon, Feed Reader, Feeder Reader, Great News, Internet Explorer 7, Jet Brains Omea, Mozilla Thunderbird, Newsgator Online, Newz Crawler, Pluck, RSSBandit, RSSOwl, Sharpreader and Snarfer.The definitions of the RSS elements in this profile are provided for convenience and contain elements and attributes defined in a namespace according to the Namespaces in XML specification. All elements in an RSS feed that are not defined in a namespace be described in the specification.

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