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Pair of pewter entree dishes designed by Archibald Knox, C1900, for Liberty Tudric, with a Celtic Entrelac decoration, Arts & Crafts movement, includes a butter dish, height 9.5 cm, butter dish length 19 cm Show 2 more like this A chic Art Deco style six-piece coffee set, 'Monte Carlo' by Etains du Manoir French, pewter with malachite style handles.

Comprising tray, coffee pot, teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and decanter.

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Even then however, the average householder was too poor to replace his wooden utensils with pewter until around the middle of the 18th century.

For almost a hundred years thereafter it became the material for every day utensils and commodities.

From a private collection in Tasmania this plate is purported to have belonged to Sir John Franklin Polar Explorer & Governor of Van Diemen's Land.

This is intended to introduce Pewter Marks to casual or recent collectors. (Postage stamps offer art work and interest and so even more personally do the marks on pewter.) The Pewter Society, and a number of books, will lead you to a better understanding, perhaps.

When a date appears as part of the touch mark it represents the year of registration of the maker with the London Guild and not the year of manufacture, so it can't be used to date the article.

However, if the manufacturer is known the piece can be dated to a certain period, somewhere between the date of registration and death of the maker.

The century culminated in the formation of The Society of Pewter Collectors in 1918, which is still operating today, under the name of the Pewter Society.

Although ceramic tableware had largely replaced pewter by this time, tankards, mugs, beakers, candlesticks, measures and numerous small personal items were still being made, and were popular in the country. In churches it was used to make alms dishes, plates and sacramental vessels.

To me, here we have a piece of Pewter that is an Art Work in itself.

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