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We guide you through a safe and easy application process.Planning your next meaningful trip with Volunteer World gives you free access to: ‘‘Pure Passion Foundation’ is a non for profit Ghanaian based organization.

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We work with local stakeholders such us health institutions, schools, care homes, local communities etc.

This gives volunteers upper hand to easily get involved and start delivering.

We have running and developing huge societal projects for clinics, remotes communities, physically challenged homes, rural schools etc.

as a charity, the surplus we make after administration, marketing, and providing for volunteers, we use to fund our charitable objectives such as donation of hospital equipment to rural clinics, purchase of books and computers for school libraries and ICT centres, donation of food stuff, clothes, shoes etc. HEALTH SECTOR IMPACTThe true impact of the ‘One Ghana Health Campaign’ is the value we add to the Ghana health system.

Since we ran our first trip in 2015 we have had no safety issues and have successfully dealt with any volunteers that have become ill Ghana is a fantastic places with so many tourist places to visit.

The country is popular for its nice beaches, national parks, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, forts and castles, museums, ponds, diverse wildlife, markets, rain forest walk, and lots of cultural attractions.Visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year the Ghanaian people are very welcoming to tourists.Like with every country there are risks and Pure Passion Foundation has gone through all these risks to do as much as possible to prevent anything from happening to our volunteers.The volunteers are also not left out, value is added to their profession by exposing them to the best of tropical medicine IMPACT ON EDUCATION The true impact of the program is how it affects the children we reach out to.These children are able to discover their strength and true potentials which help them to make informed decisions.Most of our staff have been with us for several years and are experienced in keeping volunteers healthy and managing a situation where a volunteer becomes ill.

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