Dating on line the pitfalls how is selena gomez dating

And while the rise of dating has meant some good things - allowing us, in many ways, to have more control over the kinds of people we meet and to think in more detail about the kind of partner that might work for us - it has also come with a few potential challenges and pitfalls.In some ways, dating is a somewhat artificial way of getting to know someone.

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Online dating can give us a sense of control over the dating experience that we don’t always actually have.

This leads us on to the other big pitfall of online dating: being too prescriptive.

Online dating has, in some ways, further complicated things.

This can put quite a lot of emphasis on presenting yourself in quite a specific and somewhat artificial way.

We select specific pictures of ourselves to support this impression.

This can be quite different to meeting someone in ‘real life’, where it’s not quite as easy to manage other people’s impressions of us.So how do we mitigate some of these potentially problematic ideas around dating?While it might sound like these pitfalls make dating a potential minefield, in some ways it’s just a case of simplifying how you think about dating and what you hope to get out of it.When we put together an online dating profile, we often choose to create a very precise image of ourselves.We include the information that we’d like people to know about and leave out the information we don’t.When we meet someone in, say, a pub or at a party, we see what they actually look like, we hear what they actually sound like when they speak, and we pick up on their body language. Of course, real life interactions contain a lot of artificiality too - we all try to present ourselves in a certain way when out and about - but the level and nature of the details can be quite different.

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