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At the Hôtel d' Angleterre, the voodoo man produced a show of sound, lights, and pigeons before leading his visitors one at a time into the bathroom, where the tub was full of cash amounting, he claimed, to million.

When they asked where it had come from, he said, "The U. Federal Reserve." There was just one catch: all this money would disappear unless Michael Jackson paid thousands of dollars for the blood of a number of fowl and small animals for yet another ritual.

He was monosyllabic, dazed, and disheveled, and the tip of his nose seemed to be missing, owing to exaggerated amounts of plastic surgery.

Routinely referred to in the tabloid press as "Wacko Jacko" and characterized in his hometown newspaper as a "dancing personality disorder," Michael Jackson is off the charts.

Who has not seen photos or footage of a hyped-up Jackson playing to the crowd in Germany last November by dangerously dangling his squirming nine-month-old son, whose head was covered with a towel, over the balcony railing of his hotel room?

Now 44, Jackson is long past the prime earning age for a pop star, and each album since his record-breaking in 1982 has cost more to produce and sold fewer copies than the one before.

In addition, as his career has stalled, his freak factor has risen.

The sacrificial animals were already assembled at a location on the French-Swiss border, waiting to die to make Jackson's wishes come true. What could possibly be next in the most bizarre celebrity story within memory?

Now, two and a half years later, we know: a dangling baby, hysterical claims that Tommy Mottola, the head of his record company, is racist, and a string of lawsuits.

In a few years the principal on a 0 million loan Jackson has with the Bank of America will be due.

In order to pay that off without selling his most valuable asset, the Beatles song catalogue, he will have to earn about 0 million before taxes, a virtual impossibility.

No one seems to know where this apparently white baby, Prince Michael II, came from.

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