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Most other identifying information (stickers, silk screens, ink or grease pencil) fade away and disappear over time.

The date of a cymbal is important because different periods in the evolution of the modern drum set are marked by distinct acoustic potentials.

The leader in cymbals dating back to 1623, Zildjian has been at the forefront of instrument-making for centuries.

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These stamps are the only reliable way to determine the age of the cymbals.

The engraved stamp cannot be erased because it is in the metal.

From the beginner to the world’s greatest rock stars, jazz performers and concert percussionists, amateurs and pros alike choose Zildjian, Vic Firth, and Balter products to allow them to experience and share the joy of music.

Headquartered in Norwell, Massachusetts with offices in Newport, ME, Los Angeles, CA, London, UK, and Singapore, Zildjian products are sold globally through distributors and via a network of dealers.

Filmed at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, this first series of Zildjian Underground episodes takes you on a musical adventure under the musical direction of Zildjian Artist, Karriem Riggins.

Explore new, alternative sounds and fresh beats, in these one-of-a-kind performances.

This was the first time three generations of Zildjians would work side by side in the family cymbal business.

In another first, Craigie became the first woman to be appointed CEO of the company in 1999, a position she held for 20 years.

Some stories tell about drumshops stamping cymbals according client preferences. Introduction Introduction to Cymbal Stamp Timelines This website offers information about the age of cymbals based on the “stamps” found on them.

Cymbals are engraved with a trademark by the maker.

When not in the office John can be found following his kids around the region’s athletic fields or catching a concert with his wife.

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