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Having ugly scribble for handwriting had its advantages in those days.

If any of my private poetry or musings fell into the wrong hands, the eyes associated with those hands probably wouldn’t have been able to read it.

At the end of the day, you give yourself a score, then scan the page.

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But I grew up without a laptop in my backpack, or a smartphone in my pocket, or even a cell phone until I was 17 or so.

And through all that time , so I wrote where anyone would have in those days: in my notebook.

The left side of each page contains a schedule and a to-do list, while the right gives you plenty of space to take notes and jot down reminders.

Turn handwritten ideas into accessible digital content with the Moleskine Evernote.

In addition to quick and easy scanning and automatic filing, the Rocketbook Wave also offers the added convenience of allowing you to erase the whole thing at once by simply popping it in the microwave for a few minutes, with no wiping required.

Just the right size to tuck into your purse, pocket, or briefcase, you can take the Elfinbook Mini everywhere you go.

Its 60 pages are divided between lined, dotted, and blank sheets, and the metal ring binder allows you to take them out without tearing.

Designed for time management, the Dexter Professional will help you plan your day hour by hour.

I ran into a problem when it came time to transcribing these poems into my home computer, however.

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