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Modern technology also means that we can easily read a message and then completely forget to reply.I’ve lost count of how many Whats App messages from friends and relatives that I see, reply to in my end, and don’t actually get around to messaging back!

At this time, I don’t have strong enough evidence as to why that is but as many have said, a smile goes a long way.

According to women Dine users, the same applies on dating apps.

Because dating apps are nothing new these days, at this point many of us already have a common understanding of things that will lower our chances in making matches.

For example, it’s commonsense to most users that not having a profile picture will get you a left swipe.

That way you can be a bit more relaxed and casual when they’re messaging you – more like you would behave if one your friends were to send you a text.

One of the tough things about online dating is that it can be easy to build someone up in your head, especially if you chat to them too much before meeting up.

While some of us diligently dedicated time a site every day, checking our inbox, using pop-up notifications and replying promptly to every message, others might not visit as regularly.

They might not have regular access to the site or feel that a week’s gap between messages is a long time.

With many men on dating apps experiencing ghosting, no reply messages or matches never leading to actual dates (or in the worst case, not getting any matches at all), there are some things men can optimize ranging from small profile edits to changes in behavior that could help lead to to more matches and essentially more first dates.

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