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The big question is...would ever relinquish their loving memory book with their personal lifetime of romantic memories and how did it end up being sold for a mere at a local flea market?In walks an amateur photo critic named Gabe Sinclair (Luke Macfarlane) while Chloe has an art exhibit underway at a local gallery and with every word that comes out of Gabe's mouth in his attempt to describe his personal opinion of Chloe's photos on the art wall he keeps burying himself further and further into Chloe's bad books.

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Lead actress Meghan Ory plays a professional expressionist photographer named Chloe Davenport who purchases a complete stranger's 1970's Memory Book from a flea market.

The Memory Book piques Chloe's interest to find the actual owner of this romantic historical portfolio of this unknown couple's young and genuine romance captured in the pictures contained in their memory book.

Later that evening, when Gabe calls Chloe to talk about their visit to the restaurant his beard appears to have been growing for at least a week.

See more » What a wonderful romantic/mystery film that delivered a lot more than I ever expected from another Lifetime movie.

As the Memory Book mystery gradually is unfolded by Gabe's and Chloe's dogged approach so does the relationship between these two forlorn and cautious lovebirds.

I will admit it, I had uncontrollable tears flowing a few times as the director Paul A.

Eventually Gabe and Chloe meet again under more pleasant circumstances and slowly but surely Gabe makes up for his initial blunder and criticism of Chloe's photo art exhibit.

Their two personalities could not be any more different but isn't that what true romantics say? " As Chloe explains to Gabe her interest in the strangers Memory Book she just purchased and her need to find the owner and hear the owner(s) romantic story Gabe takes it upon himself to spontaneously move forward with the investigation.

This is a great gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially for a first dating anniversary.

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