Dating love from du

Be respectful towards others when they deserve your respect.

All good natured women like a well mannered and kind man who doesn’t treat others badly just because he can.

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Just like there are a few things about a girl that attracts you, girls too have their own wish list in a guy they meet. [Read: 20 things about women that sexually excite a guy] Likewise, women too have their own preferences when it comes to appearances.

But if you’re still not getting the girl you want, you’re bound to wonder what you’re doing wrong and other lucky men are doing right.

Vi var singler og skulle begge teste onlinedating verdenen.

Vi startede med at skrive sammen på og mødtes så i januar 2009, vi blev hurtigt kærester.

Have a happy, cheerful face and a genuinely happy smile and you’ll do wonders. Just like a good sense of humor, knowing how to speak to a woman is a trait that all women look for in a man.

Be pleasant, speak smoothly in a low tone and show genuine interest in the woman while speaking to her.

Don’t be rude to waiters or your subordinates unless you have a reason to.

Treat everyone with respect and you’ll be treated with respect.

It’s a simple tip, but something almost all guys never focus on. Have an ego and believe in yourself and your decisions.

Groom yourself well with quality man products and complex perfumes that smells great on you. As hard as this may seem, be the man who can put someone else in place when they overstep the line or misbehave with you. A charming personality is everything, but yet it’s not something most men have.

Look your best, dress well and maintain a good posture.

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