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We know from ancient Egyptian text that the Giza plateau was connected to the god Osiris, who was controlling the underground tunnels at the Giza plateau It only has one tunnel/shaft that we will explore later.""The room was surprisingly clean, showing evidence of recent activities, and perhaps even having been cleaned for presentation purposes, as is usual with other Egyptian tombs of significance.

This room was in a far better condition than the bottom of the shaft, which was intentionally left to be littered with rubbish.

Hawass thinks that it is the Tomb of the god Osiris," Randolph Barolet caught my eye, and then stated, so the inspecter could here, I am a witness to what he just stated.""I found the enormous sarcophagus, large enough for a bull, and this one had a strange feeling about it.

Several versions of the Osiris legends, have Ausir carried on the back of an Apis Bull in his "star journey" pathways of preparation.

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Ich bin ein Entdecker, der möchte, dass ein Gleichgesinnter das Abenteuer des Leben..

Both sarcophagus were made of different material which accounts for weight differences, but having 10,000 pounds over Tut is enough to suggest the (Osiris) body inside is of considerable mass. Outer-Sarcophagus #1The young boy king was buried in “three” nested sarcophaguses. The estimated total weight of the funeral death mask, his mummified body and the three sarcophaguses was 3,000 pounds, a fascinating “1.36 metric ton” of splendid wood, crafted solid gold and precious stones!

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Hawass thought it was; whether he had found Chefren's tomb?

Without hesitation, and with 5 witnesses present, he stated, overtly "Dr..

There was a darkened sarcophagus leaping out of the left middle room.

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