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i donnt wana be alone Impala67: i can leave soon and be there before 4. He could even see a few garden gnomes and a bee with wings that were meant to spin in the breeze. He grabbed his bag and spare sleeping bag (just in case) from the trunk and rang the doorbell. After getting their makeshift bed ready, he made Cas use the bathroom and drink another glass of water before tucking him in. we could eat ice cream and burn balthadouche’s stuff Wayward Angel: he id a douhc Wayward Angel: yes plese come dee. Maybe he could even see if his crush might be reciprocated after she got over Balthadouche. He got to Cas’s house around three-thirty in the morning. Even in the dark, he could tell the yard was well maintained and the flowerbeds were full of flowers. He found some along with extra pillows in a linen closet.

They found out they liked the same servers and had similar tastes in races although Dean tended to play melee and Wayward Angel preferred to play healers. He then started to cry and Dean was about to pull his arms back when he caught words in between the sobs.

A bleary-eyed guy with wild, dark hair answered the door. Dean caught him on instinct and the guy wrapped his arms around him and clung tightly.

They’d been talking almost daily for nearly half a year. He’s even seen a few stories of people get married after meeting in game. He searched the cabinets until he found some aspirin and poured his friend a big glass of water. Once they were lined up, he went in search of spare blankets. Individually they did mean much but all put together, he could see why he came to the conclusion he did. God, Charlie would kick his ass if she found out how much he had assumed about Cas without even might be pissed when Dean told him. Right now, it was five in the morning and he had his best friend (who happened to be a very handsome man) in his arms. His blue eyes had lost the drunken sheen, but they were still pretty red-rimmed.

It helped that there was absolutely no traffic at this hour. It was the middle of the night and he was driving across the state to comfort a drunk girl he’d never met. Except every reasonable argument he could come up with was immediately shot down. He knew her better than anyone else in his life besides Sam. People met all the time on World of Warcraft and became friends. Once he deposited him there, he went in search of the kitchen. Dean made him take the pills and drink as much water as he could. Lemme make us up a spot.” Dean pushed the coffee table out of the way and stripped the loveseat of its cushions before moving Cas to a recliner to do the same to the couch. Then there was the fact that his avatar was female… Plus his taste in music was something he’d assume would appeal to more woman than men. Plenty of dudes liked what many considered “girly things”. His eyes opened to see Cas looking at him in confusion.

need ur address Dean drove as fast as possible to get to Cas. He decided to try and work out this little, ok , misunderstanding once he took care of his friend. Looking around, Dean noticed a living room near the entryway and steered Cas towards the couch. Though I wish it was under better circumstances.” Even though he slurred his words, Cas still tried to use proper grammar. ” Cas’s looked at him with pleading eyes and his bottom lip trembled.“Ok angel.

ill leave key unddr pot in cccase Impala67: alright im leaving now. Dean slowly wrapped his arms around him and stroked his back as he tried to figure out how the hell this happened. He had a large man who had become dead weight in his arms mumbling incoherently against his chest. He grabbed Dean’s hand and stumbled into the house. Brought a sleeping bag and everything.” Dean continued to rub circles into his back.“Can I sleep next to you? He didn’t seem to be able to keep himself from doing it.

” The chick (he figured going by the username and the fact that they said they had a boyfriend), must have been more upset than he thought. It was while he was playing a few rounds of HS on his phone during his lunch break that he came up against Wayward Angel again. Eventually, the rest gave up and found a replacement for their missing healer but Dean chose to not join them; he was too worried. Wayward Angel: I brok up with Balthazarrr Impala67: what? Wayward Angel: He slpt with anothr grl Impala67: dude, seriously?

sorry Wayward Angel: Whatever.*Wayward Angel has unfriended you*“What the hell? He decided to go with a human warrior as his first character and then picked out a name for himself. He finally settled on Deanmon before taking a deep breath and hitting the ‘Enter World’ button. Before he knew it, it was well after midnight and he had zero desire to stop playing. He still played Hearthstone to at least complete his daily mission, but his main focus was on WOW these days. Impala67: i started playing wow…Wayward Angel: I’m trying very hard not to tease you about that. laugh it up Impala67: its actually a really awesome game Wayward Angel: I’m aware. Dean and a few other guild members tried messaging her, but she never responded. fucker Wayward Angel: imma hve to get testd nopw Impala67: shit Impala67: Cas, are u ok?

He didn’t own his own house; he rented an apartment with Sam. He read all the information on the different races and classes he could be (geez there were a lot of options). He quickly leveled up by going on quests and killing monsters. Just over a month later found him spending more and more hours playing WOW. He even found a few servers where the players were encouraged to role play. He only got to meet up with the rest of Moondoor every other month or so, so this version of the game was a nice substitute. Impala67: i actually took ur advice Wayward Angel: About? The rest of their group was gathered and waiting, but after an hour Cas was still a no-show. He was im our bed dee Impala67: he brought some skank back to ur house?!

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