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Obviously that relationship worked out well, but not all of them do.

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In many cases, a relationship between co-workers should not be cause for concern.

If it does not create a conflict of interest, and the work is getting done, then it should not be a problem. Sometimes, issues only emerge after the relationship ends.

They can impose rules to curb behaviour or relations that hurt the employer or the employment relationship.

The most helpful tool to do this is to create and implement an effective workplace policy to address relationships and the issues that can arise.

Additionally, and crucially, employers should have, and consistently update, their harassment policies.

A supervisor who learns of a situation such as the one that led to Bill 168 is under a duty to act, and is best placed to do that when they have a procedure to support them.

According to Vault’s 2017 Office Romance Survey:• 57 per cent of those surveyed have participated in some kind of office romance:o 21 per cent of these office romances were random hookupso 16 per cent led to long-term relationshipso 14 per cent led to ongoing but casual relationships• 10 per cent of those surveyed said they met their spouse/partner at work.• 59 per cent of men have had an office romance compared to 54 per cent of women:o 25 per cent of male romances were random hook-ups o 16 per cent of female romances were random hook-ups • 30 per cent of respondents said they have a platonic office spouse:• The most common way for an office romance to begin:o 36 per cent working in the same departmento 28 per cent nearby office or cubicleso 26 per cent happy hour or office partieso 21 per cent working on same project• 34 per cent of respondents think social media platforms have made it easier to have an office romance.

• 22 per cent of respondents report using social media to send flirtatious or romantic messages to a co-worker.• The preferred method of communication among those who’ve had workplace romances:o 47 per cent in persono 28 per cent textingo 9 per cent online chattingo 7 per cent phone calls o 4 per cent emailo 1 per cent social media• Boundaries for office romance:o 32 per cent said it’s unacceptable for co-workers at different levels o 27 per cent said it’s unacceptable for colleagues who work in the same department or on projects togethero 21 per cent said it’s unacceptable with a client or vendoro 5 per cent said it’s unacceptable in the office is unacceptable no matter what• 26 per cent of all of those surveyed say love and let love - all office romances are OK. Whether it is a romantic relationship, a physical one, or simply a close friendship, there are issues that employers and employees need to be aware of.

Pursuant to Bill 132, employers in Ontario must have specific policies and procedures to address reporting and investigation of harassment.

All efforts should be made to ensure that the relationship is truly consensual.

By Stuart Rudner As the winter holidays become a distant memory and we drift toward Valentine’s Day, talk will turn once again to the topic of romance in the workplace.

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