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Southwards on Mareham Road it meets Mareham on the Hill, east of Stonehill Farm.

South of the town, and north of Telegraph House, it meets Scrivelsby, following High Lane westwards to cross the B1183, south of Loxley Farm, then the A153 and skirts the southern edge of the sewage works next to the River Bain where it meets Roughton (Thornton).

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Bull-baiting was practised in the area of town still known as the Bull Ring.

One historian has estimated that the practise of bull-baiting in Horncastle ended around the year 1810.

The boundary skirts the east of the town, crossing Low Toynton Road, following the Viking Way then meeting the River Waring.

It briefly follows north of the A158, to a caravan park, where it meets High Toynton.

Horncastle was granted its market charter by the Crown in the 13th century.

It was long known for its great August horse fair, an internationally famous annual trading event which continued to be held until the mid-20th century.

George Borrow set some scenes of his semi-autobiographical books Lavengro and The Romany Rye at the annual horse fair. Built of limestone, red sandstone and pink and grey streaked marble, it is a Grade II listed structure.

The Grade II listed Old Court House, built in 1865, is in the town centre, in Louth Road.

Although fortified, Horncastle was not on any important Roman roads, which suggests that the River Bain was the principal route of access.

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