Dating horseshoes

Any discarded horseshoes would be re-used or melted down rather than being thrown away, so are never available in large numbers – only those that were lost might be found.A modern iron object will certainly contain a proportion of very ancient metal, so even if methods of dating iron were developed, their reliability would be called into doubt.A different viewpoint on the development of the nail-on shoe: ​ Who first invented horseshoes?

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Although the ancient Greeks may have been the ones to first play the game, it's now a lawn game enjoyed around the world, played in countries including Italy, Israel and South Africa.

And it's thought that Americans have been playing since the days of the Revolutionary War, having caught on among soldiers before it invaded urban neighborhoods and suburban cul-de-sacs.

​ So far a lot of uncertainty and a lack of definitive evidence!

Does surviving ancient literature give any indication that horses were shod?

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The Celtic horseshoe was then supposedly re-developed by the Romans to become something very closely resembling a plain modern shoe by around 200 A. Some museums in the UK have Celtic and Roman horseshoes on display.

But is this correct and, if so, where is the evidence?

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Iron itself is notoriously difficult to date with any accuracy, though modern steels may contain metals not available in the ancient world (e.g.

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