Dating guys out of my league

I'm short and very round in shape, having been all weights from 110 to 189 pounds in my life. Yet, I have never suffered a lack of male attention in 40 years of womanhood.

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I guess if he's had a hard time with beautiful girls then maybe he is looking for other things this time around.

I do get the feeling he is the kind of guy who really likes to be in a relationship as opposed to being single. Thanks for the support Last night was great, we went for something to eat and then we were going to go to the cinema but we got talking, totally forgot the time and missed the start so we just walked around and talked and talked and laughed like idiots!

We did go back to his flat for tea and to keep warm and we did kiss but he said he wants us to "do things properly".

I think he really likes me, he has a gig in another town tonight but I am seeing him tomorrow afternoon.

I've been married three times, each time to an increasingly good looking, accomplished and intelligent man. It's like sleeping with a man right out of GOT. They may have been getting some bad press lately, but I swear they are mostly wonderful people.

My husbands got progressively taller too, which is hilarious since I'm not even 5′ 2″. I'm almost 58 and let's just say he is several years younger. Trust me, they are more scared of you than you are of them.The lead singer is 21 and totally, utterly beautiful and it's not just me who things so everyone thinks he is gorgeous with his pale blue eyes, black hair and pale skin, think Cillian Murphy and your not far off.I never think guys will like me let alone beautiful lead singers so I don't flirt or act up aroundnd them but just chat like mates safe in the knowledge they will never fancy me and normally that is the case. I don't believe there is a friend zone either, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me at all. I have green eyes that are so dark people assume they are brown. Brown hair, dark skin with freckles, of all the unholy things.His desk is close to mine so we've been talking a lot, but it's small talk.

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