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This fits into the whole idea of playing hard to get and we feel like it puts us in a position of power.

Being busy has somehow become more and more of a status symbol and so we’ve never go time for anyone!

We play these games because on some level they are all aspirational.

Böylece iki kafadar tekrar “piyasa” yapmaya başlar.

Bu da birbirinden komik bir macera silsilesinin başlangıcıdır.

Little do they know that they will often pay the price for this later in the relationship!

As men and women, we can sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to look our best on a date.

Typically guys will go on a first date and act as if they have unlimited money to burn.

They’ll take you to a really expensive bar or restaurant, pay for the all your cocktails and then tip the staff more than they ever would if they were just with friends. The answer is simple: because they want to impress you!

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