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What would I need to make me feel safe in a sexual encounter?While everyone will answer this question differently, at the very least, you should consider whether you have enough information about your date to ensure that they are who they say they are.She probably needs reassurance that her lover wants to know what she likes and her partner may be too nervous to ask.

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Our strongest drive is to be deeply attached to another person.

Sometimes divorced people are told to wait a prescribed period of time but I find that advice artificial.

Consciousness about their attachment style and a willingness to work on problems is probably more telling as to whether sex will be good in the long run.

Finally, keep in mind that great sex for the long-haul is a function of being emotionally open, feeling safe to take erotic risks, and knowledge of your partner’s and your own body. Laurie Watson is an AASECT certified sex therapist and the podcast host of FOREPLAY - Radio Sex Therapy on i Tunes.

You may want to wait to have sex for a number of dates to get enough information to put you at ease.

Also, both partners need to be clear about their consent to have sex.Even if the sex is good, it’s absolutely no promise that the person will even wish to see you again.Take some time to consider your own feelings about sex.First of all, those rumors you’ve heard about the dating pool shrinking are a myth; in fact, right now there’s the largest population of single adults in history (chalk it up to the increased acceptability of divorce as well as more people staying unmarried by choice).But let's say you're over 40—libido and sexual pleasure go down with the years, right? Research shows that 53% to 79% of older adults who have a partner are sexually active, and it turns out age and menopausal status are not significantly related to overall sexual satisfaction.She lectures at Duke and UNC’s medical schools and can be reached at Awakenings

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