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The most prominent of those problems involve bricklayers—who wear down ridges on their prints handling heavy, rough materials frequently—or people who work with lime [calcium oxide], because it's really basic and dissolves the top layers of the skin. And, surprisingly, secretaries, because they deal with paper all day.

The constant handling of paper tends to wear down the ridge detail.

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But cases such as this point out that you actually need fingerprints for identification. During the first trimester, the fingerprints have already established their permanence and uniqueness.

So how effective are current scanners, and how else have people—accidentally or intentionally—altered their fingerprints? Aside from forensics and travel, what else are fingerprint scans being used for these days?

To find out, we spoke with fingerprint expert Kasey Wertheim, president of Complete Consultants Worldwide, LLC, which provides fingerprint examination expertise to government clients and has done forensic and biometric work for the U. More and more, fingerprints are being used in biometric devices to permit secure log-on, to open locks, and for access control in general.

The biggest users of biometrics are corporate and private users, but fingerprints also have a long history in the forensics world for criminal identification dating back over a century. The exact rate of print rejection [those that can't be read] depends on the scanner.

Although it was glorified in the media, it was an amateur job; the procedure left more than enough ridge detail to identify him.

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Ultrasound devices go beyond just the outer layer and capture part of the root system.

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