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But it has also manifested as pressure put on Ethiopian Jewish women to be injected with Depo Provera, a long-acting birth-control drug, sometimes as a condition for being allowed to immigrate to Israel.

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Despite the obvious significance of a refusal movement of this size, however, mainstream media both inside and outside of Israel have for the most part ignored the protests by the Ethiopian reservists - just as they have neglected to report on the problems being protested to begin with.

It would seem that the myth of Israel's magnanimous ingathering of Ethiopian Jews remains a powerful one, even 32 years after the fact.

For more than three decades, the story of Operation Moses - the mission to airlift thousands of Jews from Ethiopia and absorb them in Israel - has been a source of pride for many supporters of the Jewish state.

Even today, it is often recalled as an exception to the racist rule, a rare episode in which black people were not taken out of Africa to be enslaved, but rather, in order to be liberated.

But if lip service would have sufficiently pacified protestors in the past, it is proving to be far from satisfactory to the latest wave of Ethiopian activists.

The current crop of Ethiopian organizers is eschewing the conservatism of their parents' generation; they are accusing the state of serious crimes, and are using loaded language to do so.

Moreover, they are not limiting their protests to marching in the street; of late, they have begun to test out more radical tactics.

In recent months, over four hundred Ethiopian emigres have signed a public petition declaring that if they are called up for military reserve duty in the Israeli army, they will refuse to show up, in protest of institutional racism against their community.

After Israel's 1973 Yom Kippur war with Egypt and Syria, Ethiopian head of state Haile Selassie cut off all relations with Jerusalem.

The diplomatic fallout with the Abyssinian emperor then became the new excuse touted by the Israeli government for its supposed inability to bring Ethiopian Jews to the country.

Putting aside the erroneous Euro-centric assumption that Israel is not an integral part of the African continent itself, the zionist narrative which frames Israel as an anti-racist savior is highly problematic.

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