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During that period, the town grew rapidly as a manufacturing centre.

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The 18th century saw the beginning of a major iron works in the town and the growth of the brewing trade for which Reading was to become famous.

The 19th century saw the coming of the Great Western Railway and the development of the town's brewing, baking and seed growing businesses.

In a battle against the use of hairspray and other grooming products to enhance the appearance of dogs at its shows, the Kennel Club introduced random laboratory testing for banned substances at its flagship Crufts event this year.

Every dog to be checked at the event tested positive for banned substances, but, under pressure from owners, the Club has agreed not only to take no action against the offending dogs or their handlers, but also to suspend the entire testing regime.

"If someone uses lacquer, it ends up on all the dogs.

I saw a lot of people using spray, from all breeds. The owner of the fourth dog declined to comment but is understood to also deny any suggestion of cheating.

For ceremonial purposes the town is in the county of Berkshire and has served as its county town since 1867, previously sharing this status with Abingdon-on-Thames.

However, the first clear evidence for Reading as a settlement dates from the 8th century, when the town came to be known as Readingum.

One possible compromise would be to allow hairspray to be used only on the heads of the animals and for small amounts of chalk to be permitted.

However, Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary, said its general committee would have to approve any permanent change in the rules. "A lot of owners feel this way as well and we have to take in all views.

As well as calling for greater leniency in what is permitted, they believe the testing regime is flawed because animals could become "contaminated" by other dogs, and "humiliating" for those who are escorted from the parade ring to undergo checks.

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