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All trending is provided in a graphical format via the Global Data Network.Data Processing Module (DPM) The DPM is typically installed on the live pantograph frame.

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Here are a couple of photos of a prototype 3-D pantograph owned by a family member. Copyright, 2004 - 2015 Richard Gorton - [email protected] contact me if you wish to use images or content herein Disclaimer: No guarantees are made about the accuracy of the contents within.

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The system consists of an acquisition and Data Processing Module (DPM) installed on the live pantograph frame, which continuously monitors the acceleration at the pantograph head and detects when transient signals exceed user- defined limits.

Upon detection, the event is recorded at 330 Hz and the module communicates information wirelessly to a carriage mounted receiver module.

The 100 highest events are stored in the time domain, sampled at 330 Hz for a duration of 6 seconds (including 2 seconds before the event), along with an event ID, maximum detected value, and GPS-provided time, date, speed and accurate location data.

The lowest event is overwritten as and when subsequent higher events are recorded.Intelligent power management allows long-term unattended operation, with the system powered from its internal batteries.The battery condition is monitored by the DPM, which gives an indication of when the batteries are approaching the end of their useful life.Additionally, the RSRU can notify the driver, to provide instant visual notification of high alarm events.Investigation of the overhead line at the identified location can be conducted, and maintenance carried out to rectify any issues before further overhead line degradation results in damage to the pantograph, or causing de-wirement.The battery pack will last on average 8 months between changes.

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