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One Pilot Research Award per year will be reserved for the most meritorious PSC-related research.

Broader project eligibility criteria will be used for the evaluation of the PSC-related applications.

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All rights reserved." 'Western Easter Sunday date is based on Scientific American, March 2001, 'Mathematical Recreations by Ian Stewart, Page 82 'The period is 5,700,000 years 'Gregorian calendar started October 15, 1582 (previous day was Oct 4) 'Germany switched to Gregorian calendar in 1700 'England and U. switched on Sept 14, 1752 (previous day was Sep 2) 'Earliest Easter Sunday is on March 22 (in year 18 for example) 'Latest Easter Sunday is on April 25 (in year 19 for example) 'For Orthodox Easter Sunday date see subroutine below.

' Global variables DIM YI AS LONG 'Year input DIM y AS LONG 'Year to compute for DIM m AS LONG 'Month, 3 or 4 Western Gregorian date DIM d AS LONG 'Day, 1 through 31 " " " DIM m2 AS LONG 'Month, 4 or 5 Orthodox Gregorian date DIM d2 AS LONG 'Day, 1 through 31 " " " DIM m3 AS LONG 'Month, 3 or 4 Orthodox Julian date DIM d3 AS LONG 'Day, 1 through 31 " " " DIM ds AS INTEGER 'days to subtract from Gregorian date for Julian date '----------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Main GOSUB Init y = 2004 DO INPUT "Year: ", YI IF YI var width = window.inner Width || (window.document.document Element.client Width || window.client Width); var height = window.inner Height || (window.document.document Element.client Height || window.client Height); var d = document; if (width.

" Version$ = "Version 1.23, last revised: 2008/06/18" Author$ = "Copyright (c) 1981-2008 by author: Harry J.

Smith," Address$ = "19628 Via Monte Dr., Saratoga CA 95070.

Dak Net: A Road To Universal Broadband Connectivity.

Low-cost Wi-Fi radio transceivers automatically transfer the data stored in the MAP at high bandwidth for each point-to-point connection.

According to Dave-id Huberman (9/13/96) the Louvre collection of erotic fiction is now back on-line.

To contact Louvre collection send e-mail to: [email protected] the subject line header of HELP.

(To report any malicious content send the URL to oocities(at gmail dot com).

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