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The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show in which typically eleven teams of two race around the world.

Since the inception of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program in 2003, The Amazing Race has won it ten out of fifteen times; the show has also won other awards and commendations.

Although it has moved around several prime time slots since its inception, the program has averaged about 10 million viewers per season.

The two approached Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman with the idea, and the four refined it into the concept of The Amazing Race.

Van Munster pitched the idea to Les Moonves of CBS shortly thereafter, who greenlit the show by June 2000.

The only exception is air travel, where teams are given a credit card to purchase economy-class fares.

Some teams have resorted to begging to replenish their funds.The final leg of each race is run by the last three remaining teams, and the first to arrive at the final destination wins the show's prize, During each leg, teams follow clues from Route Markers boxes containing clue envelopes marked in the race's red, yellow, and white colors to determine their next destination.Travel between destinations includes commercial and chartered airplanes, boats, trains, taxis, buses, and rented vehicles provided by the show, or the teams may simply travel by foot.As such, teams are generally free and sometimes required to engage locals to help in any manner to decipher clues and complete tasks.Tasks are typically designed to highlight the local culture of the country they are in.Around 2000, Van Munster was wrapping up production of his nature documentary series Wild Things, and he was looking for another concept.

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