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Williams had to complete a number of rallies throughout Britain to qualify for the final round of the WRC, which takes place this week.

She is co-driving for Tony Jardine, a former rally driver turned broadcaster and Formula One pundit.

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Australia's Heath Spence took part in a Men's Bobsleigh training run at the Sanki Sliding Centre, one of the 2014 Winter Olympics venues which is located at Rzhanaya Polyana, 60 kilometers northeast of Sochi.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has taken a keen interest in the Games, visiting Sochi to ensure the project is finished in time.

We've given ourselves a big challenge to complete in Wales." Read: Science friction -- the art of curling Compared to other divisions of motorsport such as Formula One and Moto GP, rallying can appear lacking in glamor.

Think muddy puddles rather than perfectly preened pit girls.

"I thought, 'That's enough now.' " Images: Olympic torch leaves Earth Nearly four years after that career-defining success, and despite physical complaints which would halt even the most relentless athlete, Williams is back in search of a new adrenaline rush as she pushes against the pain barrier.

Instead of being in a final buildup to February's Winter Olympics in Sochi, she's now in the passenger seat of a Mitsubishi rally car, preparing for a new white-knuckle ride.

"I've been very lucky that I've not been anxious or worried or put off by the speed of the car, whereas I guess most people would be.

"Tony has put a lot into me and you feel a pressure to perform.

There are spectators in close proximity and the threat of a high-speed collision is never far away. On ice "I've surprised myself not being more nervous," confessed Williams.

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