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On November 4th, 1924 during the Gran Premio della Vittoria race across the Croce d'Aune Pass he could not loosen the wingnuts of his wheel to flip it over to a different sprocket due to his frozen hands.

This was his incentive to invent a better device to fasten the wheel to the frame.

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Many thousands are still offering excellent service to their owners. The quality of the cones and bearing cups was a distinct cut above anything else made in 1958 and continued right up to the end of production to be the equal of any other hub.

You could simply feel that the bearings were better than any of the competition…

Campagnolo had never yet ventured into cogs and chains.

Regina was our old Italian faithful and for most Vintage Campagnolo bikes probably still is today. Authorized Distributor Hans Johnsen Company of Dallas, Texas.

With equipment so classic in design, part numbers and model numbers were not used.

Proper component identification is essential in insuring compatibility and proper use.

And that is where the story of Campag’s hubs starts…

Tullio Campagnolo was a moderately good amateur rider in the 1920s.

Exploded diagrams are essential to correct restoration and re-assembly. First Row: Product Range, Spare Parts and Tools, Spring/Summer Apparel.

Second Row: Components Trade Catalog, Components Technical Manual, Spring/Summer Trade Apparel, Autumn/Winter Trade Apparel.

It is also the last year some components are still the original C Record design including the crankset, front derailleur, front hub and seat post.

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