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The five scariest words in the sector are: ‘My bank account’s been hacked.’ “Detecting potentially fraudulent transactions, money movements or new account fraud before they can result in fraud demands a new approach to authentication methods.

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If you are now having difficulty withdrawing your money from a broker, read this.

Avivah Litan, VP and Distinguished Analyst at “I’m encouraged by the advances in and fine-tuning of machine learning models and other forms of advanced analytics being applied to the fraud use case, and the use of mega global sets of shared data to inform those models.

I’m also encouraged by continuous behavioral biometric authentication, along with other continuous identity assessment measures, that raise confidence in a user’s legitimacy.

This technology is readily available, easy to deploy, and very effective.

While it requires a little more effort for consumers, it also makes them more aware and conscious of security best practices.

In many cases, breaches can be directly attributed to third party exposure where employees have misused corporate credentials which are then subsequently compromised and leveraged for direct corporate access.

“However, we are also seeing a rise in fraudulent account creation (whether bank accounts, credit cards or loan applications) using PII that has been exposed in large data disclosures.

In order to get to the root of modern attacks we need to worry less about incoming threats, and more about detecting and blocking rogue application behavior in real-time.

“The fact that only 35% of banks have deployed multifactor authentication is disturbing.

IT security experts commented below on the new “2017 Faces of Fraud Survey” of US banks and financial institutions issued today by ISMG Research & VASCO Data Security.

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