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16-year-old welder burnt to death in Shuwaikh fire KUWAIT CITY: A Syrian welder, Mohannad Ali, 16, was seriously burnt and he died on the spot when a diesel tanker truck he was working on in Shuwaikh, near Souk Al-Mirah, caught fire Saturday.

The flames engulfed another diesel tanker truck parked nearby and scalded another person, who was admitted to Sabah Hospital.

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when a rail yard employee was welding a ladder to the box car when the sparks caught the paper inside it on fire - fire crews left the area once to only be called back two additional times when the fire re-ignited) (investigators say a welding accident may be to blame for a cargo boat fire - firefighters arrived at approximately 1 a.m.

and found heavy smoke coming from a large cargo ship that was anchored in the water - some workers were on board welding and somehow several unused crates, boxes and other debris caught fire near the welding equipment - the ship did not have serious damage and remains seaworthy, but the fire was expansive enough that a Fire Department boat was used to fight the ship fire - no one was injured in the fire and no chemicals were released in the water since no hazardous materials were used) (worker, 63, is suffering from severe second and third degree burns on his arms, chest, neck and face - he is a contract worker - a witness says that the worker was cutting a metal pipe with a saw that produces a large amount of sparks - one of the sparks caught his shirt on fire - a chemical extinguisher was used to put the fire out - he was treated there and then transported by air to another facility) (automotive safety systems supplier says it will rebuild a steering wheel manufacturing plant that was destroyed by fire during the Christmas holiday break - the fire is believed to have been started by welding work that was being carried out during the shutdown - much of the production equipment at the site was destroyed in the fire but employees extracted around 100 moulds) (work was killed as he was attempting to thaw a valve on an 80 barrel tank truck and some how it ignited causing an explosion and took his life - the blast could be felt and heard from about 4 miles away - the tankers are used to transport salt water and crude oil) (two people were injured when a water tank they were working on caught fire - one of them who sustained severe wounds was rushed to the regional hospital while the other was responding to treatment at a Health Centre - the victims were welders putting finishing touches to the tank which would have served as a water reservoir, when sparks from their welding instruments ignited dry leaves and empty cement bags on the ground - timber boards and pieces of wood used in propping up the tank, plastic pipes and a shed were all burnt by the fire) (the initial call brought crews out shortly after 10 p.m.

26 Unknown 27 always good they water 28 Big bladder pod bloom and good poppies even on Pima Canyon 29 Unknown but must be good 30 Big bladder pod bloom on south side and good bloom in park 31 Good wildflowers not sure we will see Brittlebush.

32 Drive by was ok 33 Unknown 34 Good bloom now 35 They water so should be good 36 Scouted 3 weeks ago lots of weeds but some good blooms 37-41 Nothing 42 should start showing if anyone would like to scout it for me 43 Unknown 44 is showing normal bloom 45 Poppies Now 46 Was blooming 3 weeks ago so should still look good 47 Nothing 48 Big bloom now and should last weeks.

For those of you with our book here is a rundown of location number and the wildflower report: 1-13 Nothing 14 Modest blooms 15 unknown 16 Great Gold Cup bloom all the way up tho Bill Williams River WR 17 Roadside 18 Did not look good 3 weeks ago.

19 Carpets of Bladderpod and some Globemallow with some poppies 20 OK bloom 21 Best bloom in a Decade 22 Good bloom with poppies appearing in the north fork 23 Past w/weeds 24 Good 25 Coming back from the snow and showing great.

Poppies are all over the Central locations and should last a few more weeks if not longer with coming rains.

March is the month get out there and get some of this we may not see it again for years.

On March 28, 2014, Employee #1, working at a construction company's job site, was engaged in exterior carpentry. A spark from the torch fell into the worker's front pocket. The spark caused the lighter to explode, and the worker sustained severe burns. Either at the job site or subsequently at the hospital, the worker died from his burns. The investigation determined that there was no employer/employee relationship between the fatally injured worker and the construction company.

CLICK HERE for the case file (a fire at a high-rise hotel threatened to put a damper on New Year's Eve celebrations - fire started in a kitchen at the Hotel - when fire crews arrived, it appeared the smoke was coming from the roof - it turns out, the fire started in a kitchen that's being re-modeled - welding work on a stove exhaust vent caught some grease on fire - lobby was filled with the smoke, and fire crews called for a second alarm response - crews were able to contain the fire to a small area in the kitchen) (a fire in a train yard could be burning for days - the fire started at the rail yard around p.m.

Several area fire departments were called to the scene about a.m. Man died in east Cork accident The HSA is investigating the death of a 24-year-old man who was killed in an industrial accident in east Cork today.

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