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they're building A decent foundation with my housemate. I mean, I know cash is a bitch, but you probably have friends, other family members and such; you can find a way.They love him so much and my mom is basically replacing me for him. I thought you were an adult, why is the telling you around like if you're a child. Get your shit together, person (I dunno if you're a dude or a chick anymore, I lost track).You never know, maybe he’ll be the first to ask you out when you turn 16!

I find it strange since my mom allows our new house mat who's 19 to leave the house whenever he wants, he can stay out as long as he wants and my older sister also has the freedom to date, eat what she wants and they both have their own personal freedom and style and I'm not allowed to have that in life. I don't watch television but he has much more freedom than I do and they're always socializing with him, talking with him and being his friend while I'm just put down, told I'm ugly and stupid.

My mom even tried to encourage him to tell me I'm ugly as shit today....

But when a guy does ask, make sure to respect your parents wishes.

Tell the guy that you’d love to be friends and maybe you can try it in a few years.

Most important is that you don’t lie to your parents or go behind their back for the guy.

If he really does like you, then he’ll understand that you’re just following your parents wishes and will still want to be friends.

Some parents mean you can’t go out alone with a guy on dates, but you can have a boyfriend and hang out at school or go out with groups of friends.

So first figure out what they are ok with and what they aren’t ok with.

Here’s some thing to think about for those of you trying to figure out what to do about your dating dilemma. Think of what you want to ask them before you bring it up, that way you can figure everything out in one conversation.

#1 When I was younger, I was worried about dating because of my parents too. It’s better to have talked about it with them so you know what you can and cannot do, rather than going behind their back.

I present myself as not talking to anyone because my parents would most likely not allow me to do much.

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