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Baccarat paperweights were identified by the following markings, the letter B and the date following it.

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In nineteenth century Baccarat paperweights the signatures are located to one side of the design and never in the center.

The dates can appear in the base of the paperweight so the date is visible as part of the paperweight design.

A few price value examples follow: A 1847 paperweight has very tightly packed cut canes inside a paperweight.

Average price value: 3,000.00 dollars A paperweight dates 1850 has a glass butterfly in the center, with a circular border of millefiori canes. Mary Haberstroh lives in Tucson, Arizona and she is a collector of millefiori paperweights.

The silhouette canes are of a dog, deer, rooster, and pelican.

A 1848 magnum weight has blown glass ribbons of lace, with canes evenly spaced throughout the paperweight.

A paperweight known as the Stardust paperweight is dated 1848 and has grayish white canes forming the carpet background and silhouette and star canes spread at regular intervals on the foreground.

A paperweight of six loops of pink and white canes situated on a translucent blue base has a pink centered white cane in the middle of each loop. A paperweight with seven circles of canes on an emerald green background has six of the circles surrounding a middle circle.

She can be reached at: [email protected] Clichy Paperweights Etched and Engraved Glass of the Netherlands Identifying Nineteenth Century English Paperweights: White Friars, Stourbridge, Bristol, Bacchus and Sons Identifying Nineteenth Century Saint Louis Paperweights Identifying Nineteenth Century Pennsylvania Glass Paperweights: Gillinder, Challinor and Taylor, W.

Every collector knows that the quickest way to identify a piece of pottery or porcelain is to identify the mark, but sometimes it's unreliable because marks are often forged and changed.

The price values of nineteenth century Baccarat paperweights vary, depending on the rarity of the design and the condition of the paperweight.

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