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However, his main goal is gaining control of the company. So when John Ross suddenly doesn't have his father anymore, John Ross goes on a "dark mission." Though his time with J. "With everything John Ross does in the future he'll hear his father's voice." In addition to teaching him about his ruthless business tactics, John Ross learned a lot about the opposite sex from watching J. Growing up, John Ross is very aware of how unhealthy his parents' relationship is, so he never takes much from it. John Ross begins taking his anger out on his cousin Christopher (Joshua Harris) and his new stepmother, Cally (Cathy Podewell). In 1991, John Ross moves to London with Sue Ellen and his new stepfather, Don Lockwood (Ian Mc Shane).In the series premiere of the continuation, John Ross gets the upper hand on J. which allows for viewers to understand that John Ross is just as tricky as his father. spend most of the season trying to stay a step ahead of one another. Executive producer Cynthia Cidre said that the romance emerges from "convenience" and common enemies. John Ross seems to have become a carbon copy of his father. Elena discovers his manipulations, dumps him, and reunites with Christopher.

However, John Ross still has a few lessons to learn and J. When John Ross's schemes culminate in the end of his relationship with Elena, he teams up with- and later winds up falling for and marrying Christopher's ex-wife, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, the daughter of J.

R.'s nemesis, Cliff Barnes and their union is reminiscent of John Ross's uncle Bobby Ewing's marriage to Cliff's half-sister and Pamela's namesake Pamela Barnes Ewing.

Despite his love for Elena, John Ross is also having an affair with Veronica Martinez (Leonor Varela).

John Ross sees her as someone who can do his bidding for him, but he truly loves Elena.

Henderson told Access Hollywood that John Ross decided not to attend college.

Instead, he traveled to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

In season 1 John Ross focuses on trying to impress his father while maintaining his relationship with Elena and achieving his goal of taking over the family empire. John Ross is left asking the question, 'Why did you leave me?

"He goes through a lot, and stuff gets really intense" Henderson said when asked to give a preview of the season. John Ross puts on a "front" as if he tries to convince himself that he is "just as conniving and slick" as his father; however, once he goes down this path, he realizes he needs J. " John Ross gets to a point where he is no longer concerned for his own well being. But, he is not confident in his ability to accomplish that task.

Though it has yet to be mentioned, or discussed onscreen, it appears that John Ross's music career was not a success.

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