Dating at byu

He grinned as he asked her to “rate his outfit.” “I looked at him and said, ‘Probably a 3,’” Martinez said.

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As with Martinez and Collinsworth, maintaining a proper balance of homework, dedication to sport and healthy habits has been among the top priorities for Raymond and Haws.

When possible, they relax by stepping away from sports.

Along the way, there have been humorous moments, such as the time she opened the sunroof of his vehicle and filled the car with snow. He’s kind of a goofball.” Fast forward to this summer.

Or the embarrassing time when he took her to the driving range and said the secret to hitting a golf ball was keeping your eye on the ball, only to miss completely when he swung the club. Raymond was a member of the BYU gymnastics team from 2013 until earlier this year when hip surgery ended her career.

Although Isom was far away, he persistently sent random messages through social media until they became electronic pen pals.

In time, text messages became long phone conversations and then video chat sessions.

The couple is preparing to be married July 30 in the Draper LDS Temple.

Because competition is second nature to both, there is mutual understanding about staying after practice for extra work and remaining positive after a loss or humble after a victory.

Martinez, Campbell and Raymond agree there is a unique dating network among student-athletes at BYU. You have to make and keep your priorities,” Martinez said.

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