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It blocks me from unlocking my phone for certain periods of time. A post shared by Arriane ¦ Double R, Single N (@arrianeserafico) on "It's about finding your own version of what a purposeful life is and infusing it with creativity and passion and that has been consistent ever since I started my blog.

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It is so important to make connections and build connections—this is something both we at She Talks Asia and @bumble_philippines believe. #She Talks Asiax Bumble #Negotiating Your Worth A post shared by She Talks Asia (@shetalksasia) on Young writers at the She Talks Asia x Bumble Bizz Tribe Meet-Up, which focused on the topic of "Negotiating Your Worth," would tell her how instrumental she's become to their realizing their full potential and their true passion in writing and telling stories.

We asked design thinking teacher @arrianeserafico about that one important connection in her life, and this is her story. "Every time I see her Stories on my feed, I'm like, 'Why do I feel like I'm going to cry? Arriane gushes and hugs the writer close to her heart. "Thank you."In 2014, Instagram was barely five years old, and the blogging landscape in the country was a much different space: personalities weren't yet the "influencers" that they're often referred to as now, and most of the writing took place on actual blogs rather than social media accounts.

'you don't have to be go-getting all the time' and to 'live a little.' .

While I totally agree with one aspect of it (not everything in life has to have a defined goal, i.e.

But to Arriane, a Management Economics graduate and a writer and storyteller at heart, this difference and transformation is a non-issue.

Someone once shamed me for being a go-getter: she snidely remarked something like...

You can choose your own wedding music, or we will gladly assist you with your choices.

If your ceremony and reception are held at different venues, we will happily travel between the two.

Middel is an active member of the Urban Climate Research Center (UCRC) and the Central Arizona–Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) program at ASU.

She currently serves a 4-year term (2016-2020) on the Board of the International Association of Urban Climate (IAUC), the premier international organization for researchers engaged in all aspects of urban climate scholarship.

[email protected] School of Arts, Media and Engineering Arizona State University PO Box 875802 Tempe, AZ 85287-5802 Ariane Middel’s research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of urban climate with focus on climate-sensitive urban form, design, landscapes, and infrastructure in the face of extreme heat and climatic uncertainty.

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