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Small Sporting stores, hardware, drug, discount, and department stores commonly had privately branded baseball gloves made for them, to help promote their business....50 Years ago in 1969, Major League Baseball introduced the official MLB logo in celebration of Baseball's 100th anniversary.

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Most cartes de visite depict individuals or groups in a studio setting, although some landscape examples do exist.

However the era of the carte de visite was short-lived.

Still, good price guides will continually update their sources.

Kovels has maintained up-to-date antiques pricing guides since 1958.

As far back as the earliest days of baseball, companies that manufactured general leather goods took advantage of the great demand for baseball gloves.

Producing their own brand, it was a way of generating extra income for their business especially during tough times brought on by the Great Depression.

The advantage over previous methods of photographic reproduction that allowed for only a single reproduction at a time, was that the inventor, Frenchman Adolphe Disderi had patented a photographic method in 1854 using the 'multiplying camera-obscura', that took multiple separate negatives on a single plate thus reducing production costs.

Later versions of this camera took 8 and then 12 negatives on a single plate.

Web styles may have continued to be made years after they were introduced but in general the web can be dated to a specific era. Official National League & American League Baseball Dating Guide.

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