Arabich sexchat - Dating antique coffee mills

Other notable American manufacturers include Logan and Strobridge, The Charles Parker Co., Steinfeld, Wilmont Castle, and Wrightsville Hardware Company.

late 19th century, red-painted body with openwork wheels and turned wood handle, ht. Enterprise Manufacturing Company Paint-decorated Cast Iron Coffee Mill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c.

late 19th century, red-painted body with openwork wheels and turned wood handle, drawer with More ...

Once valued for their intended purpose, today they are collected and valued for their design, size, raw materials, maker, craftsmanship, adornment, embossing, paint, patina, and condition.

Design and embellishments have allowed coffee grinders to be viewed as pieces of art, and increasingly valued as such; however, more so at shows and markets than the prices realized at auctions.

These more industrialized versions would be mounted on a waist-high, decorative, cast-iron stand.

Landers Frary and Clark of New Britain, Connecticut began coffee grinder production in the mid-1870s and made mills of all kinds: box, side, wall canisters, two-wheelers, and electric.

Because these glass canisters were easily broken and not the nearly indestructible as a cast iron base, inspect the glass and speak with the dealer to learn whether it is original to the piece or a reproduction created to look like the original.

The Enterprise Manufacturing Company, founded in Philadelphia in 1864, was one of the leading makers of both large and small coffee grinders.

With a few notable exceptions, you can expect to pay around -0 for an early, primitive, well-used example of a box-shaped, wall-hung, and table-mounted grinder as compared to a few hundred more for a nice, well-made and decorative free-standing one-wheel or two-wheel grinder.

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