Dating after radical prostatectomy

When dating, people who have had cancer often avoid talking about it.

At a time when closeness is so important, it can seem risky to draw a potential lover’s attention to this scary part of your life. Implants, mechanical devices, and vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction.

This gives them a chance to take in the new information and respond. You might want to start with something like this: “I really like where our relationship is going, and I need you to know that I have (or had) _____ cancer.

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Still, it’s important to do this when a relationship starts to get serious.

Try having “the cancer talk” when you and your partner are relaxed and in an intimate mood.

” You can also share your own feelings: “I have (or had) ________ cancer.

I guess I haven’t wanted to bring it up because I’ve been worried about how you’d react to it. Prospective survey of sexual function among patients with clinically localized prostate cancer referred for definitive radiotherapy and the impact of radiotherapy on sexual function.

You might not be able to father children because of cancer treatment.

Or maybe you can still have children but are afraid that you won’t live to see your child grow up.

During treatment, you may want to be brave and not complain.

And afterward, you might want to forget that it ever happened. But when a relationship becomes serious, silence is not the best plan. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction in the primary care setting: Importance of risk factors for diabetes and vascular disease.

Homosexual men who are not in committed relationships have the same worries. The Sounds of Silence: Sexuality information for cancer patients.

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