Nude chat adult keep - Dating a musician rules

You, on the other hand, are neither a band or audience member; you’re somewhere in between.

Realize that fans are shameless and many of them have no qualms about interrupting you and your dude at anytime—for example, while having a drink together, or just about to start eating a meal that you’ve been served in a restaurant.

Fans are very important and hey, they help pay your rent, so you need to be gracious even when you feel like tellling them to piss off, which you frequently will.

Additionally, bands spend long hours together on tour buses, airplanes, etc., and endure the hardships of the road which can be deep bonding experiences. If your fella is somewhat famous you will need to learn to deal with that and it’s not always easy.

You’re not part of that, but it’s better if you can include it in your field of awareness and sensitivity. You will find yourself in public situations that are quite challenging.

It comes back to taking care of yourself, then you can remain gracious and good-humored. It’s better to smile mysteriously and remain gracious as you dwell in the inner knowing of your fullness and talent.

Don’t waste your energy getting mad, keep it for your creative pursuits, which are essential to having a strong, separate identity.(Of course, if you are in the role of full time mom, or homemaker, that’s great.Breathe into that and know that you are blessing the world by your being.) 6. Being in a long term relationship with a musician entails long periods of separation. Unless your guy is a session musician, you will be apart a lot. Unexpected situations always arise, group dynamics can be tricky, traveling is exhausting. Relationship with a musician (possibly with any other artist) means that you come after the music. You’ll be happier and thus have a better relationship. I’ve made some horrible messes and behaved in ways I’m not proud of.I know, I know, the band is exhausted and hungry too, they’ve put out a lot of energy during soundcheck, performance and post show schmooze.But the band is high from the show and the attention of the fans, and they get to share the intimacy of playing a show together with all the attendant highs, lows, sick drum solos, sweet harmonies and eye contact with the crowd. I know that you want to be the devoted wife/girlfriend/main squeeze of your hot musician dude, but here’s the thing, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll end up strung out and depleted as per above.If you’ve made it that far, you probably already know everything you’re about to read here, so it may be a better use of your time to have a nice relaxing bath, practice yoga or whatever rocks your boat.

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