intimidating mean - Dating a guy with genital warts

Be calm and confident about what you are trying to say.

If your voice trembles and you appear nervous, your partner will assume as if the situation is too serious and complicated.

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Observe the behavior of your partner and get to know him or her more.

Once you confirm that he or she is your soulmate, prepare yourself for the conversation.

Many people with sexually transmitted diseases find themselves on the receiving end of ridicule and disrespect.

With the inception of the internet, dating prospects for those who have genital warts have improved dramatically.

On the other, if you speak in a casual way, your partner may take it casually.

Further discussion can remove any doubts your partner would have.

Genital warts are soft growths that appear on the genitals.

It is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The stigma of genital warts and resulting insecurities not only lower the confidence of a person but also makes him or her psychologically weak.

Dating is scary when you have an STD, but with a strong will power, you can overcome this stigma.

Therefore, know about the risks and the precautions to follow while continuing the relationship.

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