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Flying before the introduction of computers, satellites and GPS was often hazardous, and flight crews were highly trained and experienced.

As I have only recently begun to collect civilian wings from the "golden period" of aviation (pre 1960), therefore, I have but a few examples to display.

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LEFT: Army Airforce officer in dress greens wearing pilot wing.

Although this site predominately deals with US military wings , civilian aviators are no less trained and dedicated.

NOTE: In the following text I frequently use the word period item.

This word is frequently used by collectors to distinguish an item produced between 19.

The wing was gold coloured, however, this colour was altered to silver after 12 September 1944. FLIGHT ENGINEER WING Established 19 June 1945, individuals served as a Chief Aircraft Technician.

When not performing this role in the air, they doubled as gunner and bomber crew.

The wing was established 14 October 1921 and discontinued 26 July 1949.

The observer wing was also issued to bombardiers before the execution of the bombardier rated wing on 4 September 1942.

NAVIGATOR WING Navigator wings were awarded upon completion of the aerial navigation course.

The device in the centre of the wing is an ancient astronomical instrument called a armillary sphere.

TECHNICAL OBSERVER WING Established in 1942, the T wing was awarded to commissioned officers rated as pilots, senior pilots, command pilots and balloon pilots with appropriate experience could apply for technical observation duty which might include evaluation of crew performance, equipment, air tactics and the like.

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